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The Partners of the Impact Management Platform have published the results of the consultation on their consensus view of impact management, marking a year since the Platform itself was launched. Together, the Partners are working together to promote the emergence of a complete and coherent system of norms and resources for impact management.

The consultation solicited feedback on the ‘actions and landscape’ of impact management for organisations, and for investors and financial institutions, a set of co-authored content found on the Platform website. The actions and landscape aim to provide clarity on how the Partner’s resources can support the different actions of impact management, and thereby improve the uptake and quality of impact management practices globally.

Feedback was sought from across the Partners’ networks of practitioners and other stakeholders, resulting in detailed and insightful responses from 60 participants. The responses will be used to inform the further development of the actions and landscape, including a content iteration that will be published next spring.

A common message found across several responses was the need to better clarify the “system” of frameworks and resources; specifically, how they relate to and differ from one another. In anticipation of these calls, the Partners will publish a “system map” in January, which will set out impact management frameworks and resources in an integrated, visual format. Sign up to the Platform’s mailing list to hear more information on this in 2023.