About the Impact Management Platform

The Impact Management Platform is a collaboration between partnering organisations, all of whom are leading providers of sustainability standards and guidance that are coordinating efforts to mainstream the practice of impact management.

Through the Platform, initiatives will continue to work together to identify opportunities to consolidate existing sustainability resources, collectively address gaps, and coordinate with policymakers and regulators to support the mainstreaming of impact management. This website is the first product of the Platform.

The Platform is overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of the IFC, OECD, UNDP, UNEP FI and UNGC, with OECD and UNEP FI acting as the initial Co-chairs. Partners collaborating via the Platform have agreed to a Terms of Reference, which can be found here.

The Platform represents the next phase of the collaboration that, until now, was facilitated by the Impact Management Project (IMP), a timebound consensus-building forum that ran from 2016 to 2021. A Partner-hosted webinar commemorating the launch of the Platform in November 2021 can be viewed here.

Click here for a short downloadable summary of the Platform.

About this website 

The Impact Management Platform website supports practitioners to manage their sustainability impacts – including the impacts of their investments – by clarifying the actions of impact management and explaining how standards and guidance can be used together to enable a complete impact management practice. 

This site contains:

  1. An overview of the actions of impact management.
  2. Links to standards and guidance designed for each action. Where options are available, the site highlights which resources are most applicable for certain types of organisations, strategies or decisions.
  3. A searchable resource list of the featured standards and guidance.

The resources currently featured are mostly from the Partners. These organisations provide globally applicable, sector-agnostic standards and guidance that are freely available as a public good and have been through a process of public consultation. Please contact us for further information on resource listing.

This website also includes references to a few initiatives and resources (such as the TCFD and EU Taxonomy) that did not collaborate on this site, but whose content is frequently used alongside that of the Partners.

Who is this site for?

This site is primarily aimed at those within public and private organisations who are responsible for implementing processes or making decisions related to sustainability, for example: Chief Sustainability Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Policy Officers and those in their teams.

The guidance on this website can be used by any organisation that provides products or services in any sector, including financial products and services. The resources featured cater to a variety of objectives and organisational forms:

  • A wide range of enterprises, from corporates to SMEs and social enterprises.
  • A wide range of investors, from those investing for sustainability impact to development finance institutions, mainstream financial institutions, and investors with fiduciary obligations.

The Organisation view is now live and the Platform Partners are developing an Investment view, which outlines the fundamentals of impact management that are common to any investor or financial institution. Work is well underway, and this will be published in 2022.

I am a policymaker; how can I use this site?

The actions of impact management, and the concepts underpinning them, are also relevant to policymakers and regulators, who design services, commission service providers and design regulation.

I am an academic; how can I use this site?

The actions of impact management, and the concepts underpinning them, provide a solid foundation for anyone new to impact management. The content on this website is licenced under creative commons and so free to repurpose for teaching or training. The Platform also engages with experts in sustainability as the Partners develop their joint work programme.

I am a non-profit; how can I use this site?

The actions of impact management, and the concepts underpinning them, are also relevant to non-profits. Any non-profit that delivers a product or service will find the Organisation actions relevant to their programme management.

About the actions of impact management

The content on this site is structured around a set of core management actions. These actions represent emerging consensus on recommended actions that equip organisations to manage their sustainability impacts in a way that is integrated with financial performance. They are also inspired by the steps of the Natural and Social and Human Capital Protocols.

The actions are typically followed sequentially but are also iterative, meaning organisations may choose to focus on different actions first depending on their own practice.

Get started to read more about the actions of impact management or watch this short video for an introduction to some core concepts.

Engaging with the Partners and providing feedback on the website

This website will be routinely updated based on user feedback and as the landscape of standards and guidance evolves. You can submit feedback on the website here.

If you are interested in engaging with the Partners and the work of the Platform, please contact us.