Actions of impact management for:

The positive and negative impacts of investors and financial institutions are largely driven by their portfolios (investments, loans, insurance). The impact management actions (‘actions’) outlined below are therefore focused on investors and financial institutions’ business activities (as opposed to their internal operations, addressed in the organisations actions).

Although the manner of their implementation will vary depending on the type of investor/financial institution, these actions are relevant for all types of investors and financial institutions.

How to read and use the actions

How to read and use the actions

The black centrepiece (Strategy, Governance) of the diagram sets out actions that happen at the institutional level only, while the dark grey segments (Identify, Assess, Set Targets, Act, Monitor, Disclose) can be enacted at both the institutional level and for individual portfolios, funds, clients or assets. The light grey segment (Benchmark) is an action applied to, rather than enacted by, investors and financial institutions.

These actions do not, inherently, constitute an implementation tool for practitioners. Implementation resources are pointed to within the ‘Resource’ section of each action. They are also available on the Platform’s searchable resource list, which is updated on an on-going basis.

Rather, the actions describe the common and combined lessons learned among the leading providers of public good standards and guidance, in a deliberate effort to drive clarity, coherence and interoperability across a spectrum of audiences and purposes. The Platform Partners intend that the actions inform practitioners, as well as relevant policy-makers and regulators.

The Partners encourage users to share feedback on the usefulness of this content and how it can be improved, including through the inclusion of additional resources.


Some terms are commonly used by both investors and financial institutions yet designate different things. Throughout the content below, ‘portfolios’ is used generically to refer to investment, lending or insurance portfolios, while ‘clients’ is used to designate banking and insurance clients.

Note that some terms used in this section may not always align with the content of the different resources that are referenced; choices have had to be made to enable accessibility for the user.

All definitions and explanations (including the variations in their usage) are available on the key terms and concepts page, which is updated and enriched on an on-going basis.

The investment related resources can be explored in the resources list.