The Partners of the Impact Management Platform have rolled out a fresh update to the System Map, offering a comprehensive overview of the international sustainability-related resources available to enterprises, investors, and financial institutions.

This significant update, arriving just a year after the initial Q1 2024 release, underscores the Partners’ commitment to providing clarity in a dynamic landscape of impact management resources. The intended audience includes corporate and financial market actors, government officials, policymakers, and sustainability standards providers, enabling them to navigate the landscape of resources with enhanced ease.

The revamped Map aligns with the Actions of Impact Management, which went through its own iteration process in June 2023. The latest version is also more user-friendly and comprehensive, taking into account valuable user feedback that emphasised the need for additional resources and a clearer delineation of each resource’s primary purpose.

Just like the original version, the System Map is presented in two PDFs. The Map for Enterprises caters to a broad spectrum of organisations that includes investors and financial institutions. Meanwhile, the Map for Investors and Financial Institutions showcases resources exclusively tailored to that specific audience. The PDFs meticulously map the resources according to their primary focus, to optimise clarity for the user.

A noteworthy addition to the iterated release is an interactive version in Excel, offering the possibility to apply a variety of filters to the map and understand both the primary and secondary usages of each resource.

The System Map is a dynamic, living product, with further iterations planned over time. The Partners actively encourage users to share their feedback for consideration in future update rounds.

Explore the updated System Map today and chart your course towards the relevant resources for managing impact!