Download the System Map here.

The Partners of the Impact Management Platform (Platform) have today launched a System Map, providing a high-level visual for organisations, investors and financial institutions to manage their sustainability impacts.

The map was co-developed by the Partners with the dual aim of:

  • helping enterprises, investors, financial institutions and policymakers to understand which resources are available to them, and how those resources interrelate; and
  • informing the Partners and other organisations to identify areas of potential harmonisation among their existing and pipeline content, as well as gaps.

The map, which reflects the Partners’ consensus-view on impact management, is split into two sections to cater to organisations, as well as investors and financial institutions. Both sections plot the resources (as found on the Platform’s Resource List) according to the actions of impact management, which include measurement, assessment, disclosure and benchmarking. The finance and investment section additionally caters to various target audiences, including mainstream investors, banks and providers of development finance.

The resources, broadly categorised as principles and standards, guidance and tools, indicators and metrics and databases, are all available as a public good and predominantly voluntary in nature.

The map itself is a live product and will change according to the evolving landscape of international resources. It is part of the Platform Partners’ work to drive the emergence of a complete and coherent system of norms and resources for impact management.