The International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI) has joined the Impact Management Platform as an Observer. The announcement comes as the IFVI officially begins its operations in January 2023, following its spin out of Harvard Business School as successor to the Impact-Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI). With IWAI as a former Partner of the Platform, this new onboarding continues the collaborative efforts that have already started, and will particularly enable the Partners and Observers to provide joint clarity on the role of valuation in impact management

The goal of the IFVI is to drive the global integration of impacts in financial analysis, to promote effective resource allocation and achieve long-term financial stability. To do this, IFVI will develop methodologies and valuation estimates, conduct research needed to support impact valuation, increase awareness about the feasibility and importance of full impact disclosure, and build uptake of impact valuation among corporates, investors, and policymakers. The independent entity is forming a partnership with the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA) to carry out this work.

The Platform’s Partners and Observers are pleased to welcome the IFVI as the latest addition to the Platform, to help them work towards their collective goal of mainstreaming impact management.