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Advance: PRI stewardship initiative for human rights and social issues

The overall objective of the Initiative is to advance human rights and positive outcomes for people through investor stewardship. The Initiative will primarily seek change through investors’ use of influence with portfolio companies. The following three expectations will be set for engagement focus companies:

  • Fully implement the UNGPs –the guardrail of corporate conduct on human rights
  • Align their political engagement with their responsibility to respect human rights
  • Deepen progress on the most severe human rights issues in their operations and across their value

Use this resource to:

  • Identify: Select the companies and sectors that investors can engage with, in support of the Initiative’s overall objectives. This includes identifying the sectors and companies where human rights and impacts are most severe.
  • Act: Determine where investors within the Initiative can influence (through stewardship) sectors and companies, to advance respect for human rights.