Maximise Your Impact: A Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

Last updated: 2017

“Maximise Your Impact: A Guide for Social Entrepreneurs” proposes a practical approach for social entrepreneurs to understand and maximise the positive social value they create, supporting both the creation and development of impact-oriented organisations.

Use this resource for the following Actions of Impact Management:

  • Strategy: Develop a strategy and business model that address the root causes of the problem that the organisation is trying to solve.
  • Governance: Set the right governance structure and practices to serve the organisation’s mission.
  • Identify: Identify the problems and solutions that the organisation will seek to address, including through qualitative research and stakeholder engagement.
  • Measure, assess and value: Check whether the organisation has all the information it needs to assess its impacts. The guidance contains 10 questions that guide impact assessment, functioning as a checklist to ensure all necessary contextual information is collected.
  • Set targets and plan: Create an impact goal (the core problem that the organisation is trying to achieve), set targets and forecast changes that the organisation is planning to make towards the impact goal and associated targets.
  • Implement: Integrate information on social value into management decision-making.
  • Monitor, learn and adapt: Understand how to use the collected information to decide whether to change, stop or scale-up activities, and learn how to develop a set of recommendations about adapting targets.