Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines

Last updated: 2007

The environmental, health, and safety (EHS) guidelines are technical reference documents with general and industry-specific examples of good international industry practice (GIIP).

Use this resource to:

  • Identify: Understand the performance levels and measures that are generally considered to be achievable in new facilities by existing technology at reasonable costs.

Creating Impact: The Promise of Impact Investing

Last updated: 2019

Guidance on designing impact measurement systems for impact investments selection.

Use this resource to:

  • Measure, assess and value: Design an impact measurement system for impact investments.

Performance Standards

Guidance that provides a set of minimum requirements that investors should meet to prevent negative social or environmental impacts.

Use this resource to:

  • Implement: Act on minimum requirements for risk management, labour, resource efficiency, community, land resettlement, biodiversity, indigenous people and cultural heritage.