B Corp certification

Last updated: 2019

The B Corp Certification is an assessment process that evaluates a company’s social and environmental performance, as well as governance and transparency. Organisations that achieve B Corp Certification demonstrate a commitment to meeting a high standard of responsible business practices and accountability.

Use this resource for the following Actions of Impact Management

  • Verification, assurance and certification: Achieve B Corp certification by meeting the standards set by B Lab, demonstrating a commitment to social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.
  • Benchmarking and rating: Compare impact scores and metrics with those of other organiations within the same industry or sector.

WBA Benchmarks

Last updated: 2021

These benchmarks rank companies and financial institutions based on their impact performance. The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) recognises that transformational change across seven systems (financial, decarbonisation and energy, food and agriculture, digital, social, urban, and nature) are needed to achieve sustainability. In each of these systems, companies that have a big role to play in hindering or advancing progress towards a sustainable future are identified as ‘keystone’ companies. The WBA then draws from existing standards to develop a publicly available methodology for each system (or component of a system). The methodology identifies the relevant topics and associated metrics for companies to disclose against.

Use this resource for the following Actions of Impact Management:

  • Benchmarking and rating: Compare performance with other companies ranked according to WBA’s benchmarks.