The Impact Management Platform is a collaboration between the leading providers of sustainability standards and guidance that are coordinating efforts to mainstream the practice of impact management.

The Partners are working together to promote interoperability between their existing sustainability resources, address gaps, and engage with policymakers and regulators.

Work programme 

As part of their efforts to mainstream the practice of impact management, the Platform Partners are collaborating on four main workstreams:

  1. Providing further guidance on the actions and landscape of impact management
    The Partners are working together to build a consensus view of the actions and landscape of impact management – to help all types of organisations, investors and financial institutions to manage their sustainability impacts.
  2. Advancing interoperability across impact management resources
    Greater interoperability between international principles, frameworks and standards is critical for mainstreaming the practice of impact management and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Partners are collectively advancing and demonstrating interoperability among their own resources, including through the consolidation of key concepts and terminology.
  3. Tackling systemic issues through joint research and development
    The Platform serves as a forum to enable the Partners to address issues that can only be resolved via a collective approach. Examples include providing clarity on sustainability nomenclature, enabling consistency across industry classifications, and addressing issues surrounding the digitisation of sustainability information.
  4. Informing policy and regulatory processes
    Partners share information and provide feedback on key international policy and regulatory processes. Over time, the collective outputs of the Platform can inform regulators and policymakers, as part of the Partners’ ambition to streamline and mainstream impact management practices.

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Each Partner has agreed to a Terms of Reference, which sets out the vision, activities and governance of the Platform throughout 2022 and 2023.

Within this group of Partners sits a Steering Committee. These multilateral organisations oversee the implementation of the Platform’s work programme and, by virtue of their policy anchorage, facilitate engagement with relevant policy processes.

OECD and UNEP are the current Co-chairs. They are responsible for facilitating consensus-building, administrating the website and managing the Platform team and operations.

Observers are invited to participate in all project work related to the Platform. The guidance on the Platform website specifically reflects the common views of the Partners and not necessarily that of Observers.


Steering Committee