WBA Benchmark Methodologies

Benchmarks that rank companies based on their impact. The WBA recognises that transformations are needed to achieve sustainability across seven systems. In each of these seven systems, companies that have a big role to play in hindering or advancing progress towards a sustainable future are identified as ‘keystone’ companies. WBA then develops a publicly available methodology for each system (or component of a system), drawing on existing standards to identify relevant topics and associated metrics for companies to disclose against.

For organisations

Use this resource to:

  • Identify sustainability topics: Find the methodology that corresponds best to the ‘system’ that the organisation operates within. WBA’s publicly available benchmark methodologies are developed through detailed research and public consultation, so an organisation can benefit from reviewing the list of topics in the relevant ‘system’ when identifying sustainability topics to measure.

For investors and financial institutions

Use this resource to:

  • Identify: Understand the impact of (primarily) multinational companies across seven system transformations needed on the path to a sustainable economy and society.