Manage Impact for:

Investments view will be released in 2022

Organisations also have impacts on people and the natural environment through their investments– for example, a bank through the loans it makes, a pension fund through its investment portfolio, or an asset management firm through its creation of investment products. A corporate may also make investments, through acquisitions or corporate investment funds.

Managing the impact of investments involves understanding not only the sustainability performance of the organisations (and/or assets) receiving capital but also how the provider of capital can enable and contribute to that performance – for example, through capital allocation decisions, by being an active shareholder, or providing tailored capital to improve impact.  

The Platform Partners are developing a set of actions to outline the fundamentals of impact management that are common to any investor providing capital to a single company or asset, or to a portfolio of companies or assets. Work is well underway, and this will be published in 2022. The actions will also note how investment actions interact with the actions of investee organisations themselves.

The investment related resources can already be explored in the Resources List.